Purest, Premium Spring Water in the World!

Now part of Moon Tide Springs!


Moon Tide Springs, Inc. is happy to announce the acquisition of Carrabassett Springs! 

One of the original founders of the company over 25 years ago, is back as part of the exciting new management group. 

In addition to bottling the famous Carrabassett 5 gallon bottles the region has come to love, we will now offer even more varieties and sizes for all to enjoy. 

Please contact Robert Buchan at robert.buchan@moontidesprings to order today!



Natures Best!



Many centuries ago glacial processes carved out a unique aquifer in Western Maine. Our 450 acre site is a marvel of nature. A mountain on the property, Holman Mountain,  spreads it arms around an geologically, unusually deep natural gravel base to nuture and protect a water source that is uniquely pure and cold!

Only Mother Nature herself could possibly create the perfect natural spring water! It is called Moon Tide Springs!




Incredible Quality!

Moon Tide Springs produces a spring water so cold and pure that it has set new standards in the industry. It is the healthiest (lowest sodium) and purest water (lowest TDS tested in major brands) on the market. And that's not all.


In addtion to state of the art PET bottling in 1/2 liter and 1 liter, we have the ability to bottle 1/2, 1 liter glass and 5-gallon. This gives Moon Tide Springs the advantage of bottling several sizes and types of containers. Various sizes and types becomes extremely important in those markets that have special needs and demands.


Moon Tide Springs can also provide our top quality natural spring water in bulk for bottlers and brewers looking for the best spring water. We can ship anywhere in the world via unique 6700 gallon Flexitanks or to the NE USA via 8000 gallon tanker trucks. In either case, the water arrives at the destination as fresh and pure as it came out of the aquifer!


In a world where we all strive to provide the best, purest and healthiest products for our families, you can be certain that the Moon Tide Springs family of products are of the highest quality available. Why would you buy anything else? 


And lastly, we are proudly American made and owned!



Just Maybe The Worlds's Best Spring Water!    

Moon Tide Springs is bottled iright here in the USA, in Rumford Maine, while virtually all top shelf (i.e., premium water quality) competitiors are located off shore.  Our state of the art, craft style bottling facility can be seen in operation up close and personal. Join us in Peru, our current plant and enjoy free samples on one of our plant tours. At  the new plant in Rumford you will see our custom bottling operation  utilizing our high end Techlong equipment turning out 300+ bottles per minute!


Moon Tide Springs, Inc

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