Our History

This is an All American story. An enterprising family in Maine built a number of successful businesses over many years. Jean and Sue Castonguay, and their family, worked hard. They dreamed of bottling water on a parcel of land they owned for years. It never came to pass...until now!


In 2015 they put together a management team consisting of a well known former Maine water bottling company owner, a Maine based Geologist/Hydrologist, a former CFO/Co-President of a large NE Dairy and a Sales & Marketing Executive with global award winning experience.


The team has brought Moon Tide Springs out of the ground.....in more ways than one!

The goal was simple. Produce, bottle and market the world's purest natural spring water. Why? Because the aquifer that the Castonguays own, is a freak of nature.


One of the world's leading geologist's, Dr. Wiliiam Turner, of WaterBank, Inc., New Mexico, conducted an exhaustive study and chemical analysis of the spring. It was the "coldest spring water he has ever tested". It also had the lowest Total Dissolved Solid level (TDS) as well as the lowest sodium content currently in the marketplace. It is nature's version of Lab Quality Water...un- touched by human hands.  A consolidated report is available.


How is this possible? The aquifer sits at the base of a mountain and is protected on all sides. The water drains into a natural 50 foot deep gravel pit that purifies the water to an amazing degree. It then bubbles out of the ground in roiling springs that literally move location with the monthly movement of the lunar moon. One of the few actual Moon Tide Springs in the world. Thus, our name, Moon Tide Springs, Inc. 






Moon Tide Springs, Inc. recently acquired the 25 year old Carrabassett Spring Water Company in Peru, Maine. 


The company is a wholly owned subsidary of MTS. One of the original founders of the company, Mr. Jim Milligan, is the President of the overall company. He and his family built the company into a 5 gallon powerhouse in New England. We are very proud to re-hire local Maine residents and bring the company back into operation after a short 6 month hiatus. The capabilites of Carrabassett Spring Water along side MTS gives us the ability to provide a complete line of 5 gallon, 1/2 liter PET and glass bottling in our proprietary brands as well as custom bottling. 


Moon Tide Springs, Inc

153 Greenwoods Road

Peru, Maine


Phone:+1 207 562 2254

E-mail: robert.buchan@moontidesprings.com




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