Micro Nutrients Division-MTSM


Specialized Blends for Your Life Style Needs


Partnership with a Cutting Edge Technology Creates 100% Fully Water-Soluble Minerals

What does this mean for you, by adding Micronutrients in Purified Water this creates a greater bioavailability of essential minerals and custom blends for various lifestyles.

This technology helps us bring custom blends for adults, children, sports and pets everyday needs. We can create fully water-soluble minerals, custom multi-mineral blends, and innovative water formulations.  

“We have the capability to create specialized blends for your lifestyle needs.”

The Process

Water purification (reverse osmosis/desalination) produces pure water that is safe. A patent pending US technology - MiST - can add micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, antioxidants) in purified water for greater bioavailability and sustained delivery in drinking water throughout the day (superior to traditional nutritional supplements).

Unique Technology

•  A patent pending technology platform - backed by 10+ years of R&D

•  All MiST minerals on the same molecular platform - mix and match without chemical reactions between each other - a transformational approach

•  Minerals and custom blends TOTALLY DISSOLVED in water (not suspension or emulsion) - eliminate bioavailability concerns

•  Produced using only ingredients that are classified GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and are common in regular diets - no artificial preservative or formulation chemicals

•  MiST minerals remain soluble over a broad range of pH and also with other micronutrients - ideal for water and beverage products

•  Multiple minerals in desired proportions in a single liquid concentrate or a highly water soluble powder - no equivalent product on the market

•  A single MiST enhanced product replaces multiple supplement products





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